Panama Travels Part 1: Boquete

Jan 11, 2020

Back in October we visited Panama. After saving up for months (given the first time we put our vacation fund into buying a house) we finally got the opportunity. After doing a lot of research we decided to DIY this trip and not get a travel agent. We do love a good DIY project after all!  In this post I'll talk about our 1st destination.

Landing in Panama City:

We landed really late in Panama City. Around 1 am precisely. So for the night we got ourselves a hotel near the airport. We waited for our free shuttle pickup and as soon as we got to our room we went to bed.

Getting Sim cards and traveling to David:

We had breakfast in the hotel. The hotel was pretty nice. We played some over sized chess and headed to our room to get ready. We had our flight to Boquete around 4 pm. So we decided to get sim cards and and some lunch and then head to the airport. We got an Uber and while driving us to the nearest store the  Uber driver convinced us to go to the Multiplex instead. It's a big mall with lots of name brand stores. We didn't get a chance to check the stores out. We just got our Movistar sim cards grabbed some lunch and headed to the airport.

Getting to Boquete:

We landed in David around 5 pm. Boquete is 45 mins away from the David airport. You can take a bus or take a taxi. In our case taking the taxi was more convenient. It costed us $35 after some bargaining.

In Boquete we stayed at Bambuda Castle. The only castle in town! The location of the castle was wonderful. Bambuda castle is actually a hostel but we got ourselves a nice private hut.  

Bambuda Castle hut

It was after sunset but we still wanted to explore the town and get some dinner. After getting a recommendation from our hotel we went to a Panamanian restaurant called El Sabrosón #1. The food wasn't mind blowing but I can't complain. After eating we got out and realized the little town was deserted. Panama is safe country. Even still a deserted street isn't very welcoming. We quickly found ourselves a taxi and headed to our castle. And finally we went to bed.

Pro Tip: Boquete is a small town and kind of dies after sunset. So it's a good idea to enjoy the town earlier.

Things to Do in Boquete:

Pipeline hike:

A wonderful way to spend half a day is to hike the pipeline trail. If you are moderately fit you can handle this hike no problem. This is also the best place to spot a Quetzal in Boquete. You can DIY this trip easily.

Somewhere in the Pipeline trail

(Check out our Pipeline Hike post for details)

ATV and Hot Springs:

This was one of the most fun activities we did. We booked the tour online. On the day of the tour it turned out we were the only ones. So we ended up getting a private tour! The hot springs were nothing super special, plus the sun and the humidity made it a little difficult to enjoy the hot springs. But the ride to and from the hot springs was amazing.

Riding my ATV like a pro

The Lost Waterfalls:

If you are in Boquete you will want to visit The Lost Waterfalls. There are three waterfalls and the hike is of medium difficulty. We didn't book any tour guide as it was fairly straight forward. However getting back to the hotel was a little difficult. So I would suggest to start early so that you have plenty time getting back!

Lost Waterfall 2

Heading to Bocas:

The next morning we started for Bocas. Luckily our hostel had buses that went to Bocas regularly. So all we had to do is wake up, checkout, have breakfast and head out. Stay tuned for our stay in Bocas!