Creatively Hang Your Plants With This DIY Plant Hanger

lifestyle Aug 26, 2019

Since buying my house I’ve been obsessed with home decor, especially home decor with plants. Needless to say I’ve created some statement pieces with plants. Here is a step by step guide to how I made this DIY plant hanger for under $50.

Preparing the Copper Pipe

I have copper shelves on top of my bed so I used a copper pipe to tie it all together. I bought the pipe and end caps from Home Depot. I asked them to cut it to size (6 feet) for me. After bringing it home I sanded it with sand paper, 220 to remove the manufacturer labeling, and then 1000 to sooth it down. I didn't polish it but if you'd like you can use a polishing compound and a buffer to add that gorgeous mirror shine to it.

Total Cost: less than $10

Hanging The Pipe with Decorative Chains

Next step was to measure three equal pieces of Decorative Steel Chain (black) that I got from Home Depot and added the Large Black S shaped hooks on the end. I bought a 30 pack of the S hooks from Amazon since I used those to hang the plants as well. I also added two anchors and Vinyl-Coated Steel Mug Hooks (1-1/4 in. 20 lb) in the ceiling with a distance of 62 inches between the ends. I also added one in the middle since the pipe sagged slightly in the middle once I added the planters.

Total Cost: less than $16

Making Macrame Planters and Final Touches

I used macrame cord to make my own Macrame planters. You could find pretty ones in amazon as well. For the pots , I bought 5" pots from dollar tree and spray painted them gold and black. I love Ivy plants and I think hanging plants goes best with this decor. I picked out some from my local nursery for $2.99 each.

Total Cost: less than $20

There you go! This is a very pretty statement piece for any room. You can modify it to work for your space. It definitely brightened my space!

I've linked most of the hardware (not sponsored) I used for this project below.



Cup Hooks:

Copper Pipe: