Flying Spirit to Panama - Yay or Nay?

travel Nov 12, 2019

Last month we went to Panama. We wanted to travel cheap. While looking for flights, Spirit popped up in my google search.  My relationship with Spirit is a total love-hate relationship. As much as I love the cheap flights I hate the stress that comes with buying a Spirit ticket. After doing a lot of research it turned out even after paying for 2 checked luggage we were going to save a lot. So I bit my tongue and bought the tickets.

Round trip costed $394.00 (including 1 checked bag) per person.


As I mentioned earlier I hate the stress that comes with buying a Spirit ticket and alas Spirit changed our flight time from 6 pm to 1 pm making our initial layover in Florida into a very long layover. Also we were planning to work that whole day and leave after work.  We called them and tried to get another flight but they said they couldn't help us.

So we were forced to makeup the time earlier.

Fortunately, that was the only surprise we encountered. The rest of the journey wasn't troublesome.

Pro Tip: Don't pay extra for getting seats side by side. Odds are if you check in early they will assign you seats together!

Food and Water:

As you might already know Spirit is a budget airline, so don't expect anything extra. Not even water! I would say to buy water in the airport or refill your bottles before boarding the plane. Since there is no free snack we packed ourselves some fried rice as lunch.

In-Flight Entertainment:

There is no in-flight entertainment, so we downloaded some Netflix shows and watched it on our tablet.

Enough Leg Room and Moderately Comfortable Seats:

Both of us had enough leg room. The seats are very basic but I can't say its uncomfortable.

Final Word:

If you are careful and don't mind reading the fine print and can sort of be flexible with your travel plans you can fly Spirit. Mind you the customer service is terrible and if anything out of the ordinary happens you are probably in trouble. So if you can take a little risk, save some money and get a Spirit ticket!