Creatively Decorate Your Kitchen Windowsill with Plant and Plant Propagation

plants Jun 26, 2020

It's been so long that I have taken some time away from my day to day shenanigans and spend some time with my plants. Finally today I took some time to take care of them and also to destress in the process.

I have a nice window over my sink in the kitchen that gets plenty of bright indirect light. So it is a perfect spot to do some plant propagation! I've been putting plant cuttings and plants who are not looking good here and they usually turn out doing great in couple weeks!

Fern Friend and Cactus with a Hat 🎩

The first set I have here is a fern I got from a local nursery and a cactus with a cute little hat. The fern recently grew a flower (!) which I had no idea it could! So it clearly loves this spot. And about the cactus, honestly for the longest time I thought it wasn't real and I was just watering a fake plant but after I placed him here he grew a little hat 🎩

Fern Friend and Cactus with a hat 🎩 

Ornamental Pinapple Plant Baby

I bought an ornamental pineapple plant couple months ago and recently it gave out a new baby! I am not sure if I did the propagation right (we'll find out in couple weeks 🤞) but look how adorable this looks!

Ornamental Pineapple Plant Baby
Mother Plant: Ornamental Pineapple Plant

Plant Cuttings: Syngonium and Pothos

I bought these clear glass containers from Dollar Tree for $1 each and propagated my Syngonium and Pothos. I changed out the water every two weeks and just fill it up whenever it goes down. The Syngonium started sprouting new leaves under water and it is just WONDERFUL!

Avocado Seed

This is actually my Fiance's effort. He really wants to have a avocado plant from a seed and after failing to get roots from one seed for more than 8 week we finally got super lucky and got already sprouted seed inside an avocado we bought at the store!!! Then we left it like this and its been looking very promising!

A Fiddle Leaf Propagation

I have read everywhere that you can't propagate from a leaf. However the day I bought my big Fiddle leaf tree this one leaf broke and it was so healthy and I didn't have the heart to through it out. So I got a rooting hormone and put it in water for couple weeks and it grew a lot of roots! I did have an inch of stem still attached to my leaf so I think that's why it rooted nicely. Then I planted this leaf in this simple terra-cotta planter. And she has turned out to be magnificent!

One Fiddle Leaf Plant

All of these techniques were semi planned and the plants kind of took its course in deciding which way to go and they did so well and that's the beauty of planting. You can try any of these out and have fun watching what your plant does!